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FrogLube® Liquid CLP is a cutting edge bio-based lubricant and gun cleaner dissolving carbon, grease and other firing residue. More Info

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FrogLube® Liquid CLP is a new and improved gun cleaner and lubricant. Made from cutting edge biodegradable ingredients using a proprietary formula it is non-toxic and dissolves carbon, grease and sludge on contact. After being applied to your firearm the lubricant continues  to keep carbon, lead, firing residue and other fouling and build-up from accumulating by absorbing deep into the pores of the metal. This process effectively "seasons" the metal resulting in a durable slippery surface reducing friction preventing deposits from bonding with the surface.

FrogLube® CLP becomes active with heat. As your firearm is fired, the temperature rises and FrogLube® Liquid CLP becomes active and moves to hot spots, providing lubrication to the bore, friction points and all areas treated with the lube. Where applied, carbon fouling, and other particles such as dust, sand and dirt can be easily wiped away.

Chrome, steel, other metals, plastic, urethane, nylon can be treated with FrogLube® as well as wood, polymer, glass and Cerakote® and Duracoat® finishes. The areas are rejuvenated, preserved and will give extended years of service to the life of your firearm.

Want to see how FrogLube works on your gun, try the sample size.

  • Made in America: Made In America
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Petroleum-Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable
  • USDA Certified Bio-Based
Q. Is FrogLube® MilSpec?
A. According to FrogLube's website, FrogLube® is "designed, manufactured and field tested to meet or exceed the specifications of various U.S. government standards such as MIL-PRF 63460E and MIL-PRF-680."
Q. Can you really eat FrogLube®?
A. FrogLube® is a bio-based product and has been awarded the USDA BioPreferred Label signifying that it is non-toxic and can be consumed. So the answer is yes, but would you really want to?
Q. I can't stand the smell of most cleaners. What does FrogLube smell like?
A. Unlike most petroleum based cleaners, FrogLube has a fresh minty smell.

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