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Welcome to Modern Tactical. Our online store where you will be able to purchase our full line of products including access to our network of warehouses nationwide. We know how hard it is to find the latest firearms, accessories, ammunition, and equipment so we bring it all to you. Like many we found options for buying online frustrating. We strive to keep our site current with the latest information and work hard to keep only products we have available in our warehouse show online.  We created Modern Tactical to bring the best shopping experience that can be found online from a store focused on customer service. Check back daily for new products, or sign up for our mailing list on our contact us form.

The founders of Modern Tactical are experienced Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Overseas they gained a hands-on knowledge of firearms, protective armor and gear. After returning, their passion for sport shooting with the latest and most advanced firearms was stronger than ever, and the desire to protect your families, equally strong.

Joe protecting the camp in Afghanistan Joe at the motorpit Joe guarding an IED site

Modern Tactical has received national and local recognition, including appearing on Fox News's Happening Now for their dedication to hiring fellow veterans returning from war and standing up for our rights as American Citizens. Here's our story:

Fox News interview on Happening Now
Fox News interview on Happening Now
Jon Scott's interview of Modern Tactical on the Fox News show Happening Now. Jon interviews Joe Junguzza an Army Veteran on topics such as the troubles starting a small business and why hiring veterans is an important part of his business

To find out more about Modern Tactical, continue to our In The Press page to read our articles in the papers as well as other videos about why we believe in our rights as Americans to be able to protect ourselves.

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