Modern Tactical: The Leader in Firearms & Tactical Gear

Modern TacticalThe leader in firearms & tactical gear

The mission of modern tactical is to provide you with the most current tactical firearms, equipment, and accessories while providing the best shopping experience.

Protecting the Freedom and rights of our Nation, the founders of modern tactical are experienced veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Overseas we gained a hands on knowledge of firearms, protective armor and gear and survival tactics. After returning, our passion for sport shooting with the latest and most advanced weaponry was stronger then ever before, and the desire to protect our families equally strong. but like many we found options for buying online frustrating. We created this site to bring the best shopping experience that can be found online from a store focused on customer service.

Our premium brand selection includes Glock, Magpul Magazines, 5.11 Clothing, BlackHawk! HolstersOntario Knife Company, SOG Knives, and many more!

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